Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Chocolate exploits

For the last few weeks now i have been learning about chocolate... I discovered what couverture is, i figured out why tempering is used... i also found out that different chocolates react to different ingredients in unique ways.

This is a quick post to show what i have been coming up with!

Plum Kuro

The garden has produced a billion plums this year, so i have mixed them with dark chocolate ganache to make these delicious little bars... based with crushed digestive biscuits and garnished with plum icing and cashews.

Diced plums were incorperated into the sponge which was dyed a slight pink to match the skin of the plums.

Dark chocolate melted with salted butter to give it the shine. I was going to use milk chocolate but the plums were sweet with the sour aftertaste, and milk chocolate would of definitely gotten lost amongst the flavors.

And Voila! They are complete. They are very simple to make and without going into too much detail...

The sponge was a basic victoria spong recipe with a tsp of red food colouring and the chopped plums incorperated whilst mixing.

The chocolate coating was choocolate and butter melted and mixed together

And the icing decoration was the remaining plums reduced in a bit of water and caster sugar, then when fully reduced over a medium heat strain out the juice (i used a sieve for this) and mix the juice with enough icing sugar to get the correct consistency, not too runny. this should also come out as pinkish color, depending on what plums are used.

Well thats it from me! but before i go, here are some chocolates i had at a japanese tea bar recently.

Strawberry and Chilli
Mango and Balsamic

See if you can guess which is which! Until next time \(^_^)/


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