Sunday, 31 January 2010


What the hell is going on with all these ridiculous abbreviations.... Seriously, who is coming up with them. Are we as humans so lazy that we are shortening an already efficient means of communication??

This occured to me as i was sitting at my desk at work. The boy behind me, in a nonthreatening and mildly amusing way, keeps saying "Lol" instead of actually laughing....

This is just bizarre.. at first its quirky little bit of his character.. and slowly but surely its become the worst thing about work. He doesnt just stop at "lol" he has an entire arsenal.... "TBQF" "WTF" "ROFL...... seriously, what the hell is "TBQF" i had to google it. Lol... whilst googling it to try and find out what it was i came across a website about mushrooms which seemed very random, but being the incurable foodie that i am i decided to have a peek.

From this i got to thinking about mushroom recipes, using the inherant nuttiness of some mushrooms to really bring a dish to life.

I settled on going for a mixture of shitake mushrooms for thier nuttiness and strength, mixed with oyster mushrooms for thier silky texture. The result was a deliscious Creamy mushrooms on toasted brioche. Very simple and very effective!


This will be enough for about 8-10 servings

30 medium to large shitaake mushrooms
20 varying size oyster mushrooms
250ml single cream (can be changed for creme fraiche but its not NEARLY as tasty)
Cracked black pepper to taste
Salt to taste (use low salt for the health conscious)

8-10 Small semi sweetened Brioche rolls


Before anything be sure to have your Brioche ready for when the mushrooms are done, so its probaably best to toast them first. Personally i cheated and didnt make the Brioche myself... so i bought some finger shaped brioche rolls instaed and cut them through the middle horizontally for the mushrooms to sit on when they were done.

Toast the Brioche on a low grill heat, it needs to be rady when the mushrooms are ready as it will be served almost immediatly.

Slice the Shitaake mushrooms into 1/2cm (roughly) thick slices and then set aside.
Then cut the Oyster mushrooms in half vertically and set aside with the Shitaake mushrooms.

Take a large, high rimmed, frying pan on a Medium heat, and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to heat it up.

Add the Mushrooms to the pan and allow to cook until they begin to soften. (about a minute with constant slow stiring)

Then add the cream to the pan, all the while stiring so that the cream does not begin to burn, if this is becoming difficult then reduce the heat and continue at a steady pace.

After about a minute or 2 the mushrooms should begin to turn the cream a greyish colour. at this point turn the heat down as much as possible and begin to add your salt and pepper to taste.

Once the seasoning is done, it is time to dish the meal up!

I arrnaged mine on a bed of baby mixed leaves and dressed it with chopped parsley for colour.

Im sure you guys can think of a better way lol!




Bugaboo said...

OMG --- this looks delish! Sorry,I had to throw in the OMG just because you were ranting about the abbreviations! By the way, did you ever find out what the TBQ-whatever one was? Oh well, you found a KILLER-looking 'shroom recipe. Do you think "single cream" is the equivalent to heavy cream? I'm not really sure what I should use as we don't have "single cream" here (at least I don't think so). This looks DIVINE!!

Fortunas said...

I think you can use heavy cream lol.. i just googled it and found this

So as long as u dont use double cream ull be ok.

Lol TBQF is apparently "To be quite frank".... omg who even says that!? ive been informed that the boy who says it actually coined the phrase... he just came up with a new one... ICBBI.... "I can barely believe it!"... so ridiculous!


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