Monday, 14 June 2010


Ok ive been set the task of coming up with an egg less, nut less, chocolate less cake by Friday....

One of my best friends is annoyingly allergic to all these things (and he just doesn't like chocolate.... such an awkward guy!)

Immediately i thought "Fruits"

So im gonna go with an Egg less Mango infused sponge (dunno if thats the right wording lol)

With Mango Lassi style cream cheese frosting....

Lassi is that Indian sweet yogurt drink, very light and refreshing. I was thinking of spicing the cake with Cardamom and a bit of saffron for the golden color of mango to really come through.

Anyone have any ideas on whether or not that is a good or bad idea... even if you have tried something similar and have any advice that could be valuable to me. I know that using mango in sponge will be risky because of the very watery nature of the fruit so ill have to find a way of compensating for that without it being too rigid because of the lack of egg.

Also is the Saffron gonna be wasted on this because.... you know.... saffron isn't the CHEAPEST of spices lol... If the mango will make the sponge golden yellow on its own then i could just omit the saffron... We shall see!!

Anyways, Here goes nothing!!! Gonna start practicing now.

Ill keep you all updated \(^_^)/


Bugaboo said...

I don't know if this is a good idea or not b/c I baked from recipes and not just off the top of my head [I wish I could, I'm just not at that level yet!], so kudos to you for trying. It sure sounds good though, so you'll have to let us all know how it turns out. And the mango lassi frosting --- fastastic idea! I don't really care for most Indian food, but I LOVE lassis. I think your idea here is a good one, and hopefully your execution will be what you want! :o)

Terrianne, Call me Ree said...

That is really tough. I actually HATE eggs but everything I've tried to make sans them has been, well, a disaster.

It's actually your friend's dislike of chocolate that's making it tough for me because otherwise I would have suggested buttermilk and hot coffee for chocolate cake.

Vinegar is a substitute I come across in a lot of vegan recipes. Applesauce, of course. And like you mentioned, yogurt is a good one for non-vegans.

Fruit sounds like it might work! Very clever. Good luck.

Nimi SunilKumar said...

hey tht was a real cool and refreshing cake with a lovely twist.Even I love mango lassies!
The only thing that got my mind raking was your friends dislike for chocolates!
Keep up the good work!


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