Monday, 30 June 2008

Salad days

For the past couple of weeks i have been trying to tone up for the summer. I have no intention of taking my top off in public unless i can break rocks against my chest and stomach. lol.... as of yet this dream has not been realised, and istead of toning up i just seem to be losing weight... which to most people would be ideal, but when it gets to the point where people are saying "are you eating properly" instead of "wow your getting big!" its slightly problematic. So i figure i must just not be eating enough to keep up with the excersize. I jog for about an hour mostly 3 times a week, and on the off days i do my weights (i try and do situps but i dont think ive mastered them yet). Along with this i try and eat healthily throughout the week and drink in moderation.

From being a student and drinking ridiculous ammounts of alcohol atleast 5 days a week, to be slightly less ridiculous and only drinking stupid ammounts of alcohol one day a week, i think my body is just waiting for my mind to give in so that it can have its fill of chocolate and any kind of sugary stuff within grabbing distance.

Doesnt help that im surrounded with food at work either... Oh well, ill probably figure out what im doing wrong at some point.

Word of advice, never get tips for weight lifting techniques from youtube... There is some dodgy stuff on there!

Till next time (^_^)/

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