Thursday, 26 June 2008

The unveiling

Once upon a time there was a young man.... this man was blessed with many things, good health, friends, a loving family... but as much and as many times he smiled, there was always something wrong.

Ok enough with the melodramatics...

I'm Matthew, this is my 5th attempt at blogging but i honestly think this time it will work... for a while anyways... always lose my password or forget i have a blog in the first place. If i carry on writing this blog, and you continue to be interested, you will no doubt come to realise just how bad my memory is.

The general gist of my life so you can get some understanidng of where many of my views come from, begins here, in London, England. Croydon to be exact.

I am the second eldest child in a family of 4, one older brother, and two younger sisters. my parents (by some unearthly will) are still married, and i am currently just finnishing my last year of University in Bedford. in an attempt to fool people into thinking i knew what i wanted to do with my life i took Criminology as my major... (for gods sake... what did i think i was gonna do with it... become batman or somehting?.... sigh..) However after three LONG years of having fun, making friends, ruining my kidneys, and slowly realising that this course was not for me in the first place, i am finally finished.

I am now 21 and have one year to figure out what i want to do with my life, the situation i find myself in is one of 3.

do my Masters in Forensic Psychology?


enrol at Le cordon bleu in london, a school of gastronomic excellence, bassically its a highly acclaimed cooking college. Ive alwyas loved cooking, and i can see myself building a life around it.

While i do want to do my masters, i dont want to build my life around a subject that im already bored with.

Cooking is currently where im headed (fingers crossed), but i can see myself getting dragged along in my parents footprints, or should i say "pushed along".

That is bassically me as i am now, To be honest, its a pretty normal life i have. Fortunatly im lucky enough to have very few worries in life. I dont know if ive just been complelty sheltered as a child, or i really am just very lucky. But either way im thankful for it.

The following posts (when i get around to them) will depict the bizzare things that happen around me, mostly instigated by the weird people outside my house, but some of them are my friends.... and some of the wierd things i have myself to blame.

But thats it. hope i havent bored you yet and you will come back to read more throughout the week, (if you dont come back then your gonna miss out on the cake >.>) lol.

Peace (^_^)

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