Sunday, 21 March 2010

The big day

Well i finally had to do it..the event has come around and it turns out that its some kind of womans empowerment day... lol i guess it was only fitting that they had a guy make thier food for them on such a day.

Things went well, and while there were no macarons in sight i did make redvelvet mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Bitter chocolate biscuits and just some ordinary cupcakes with chocolate in them.

In addition i made a few chocolate truffles just because i had spare time. I think they all came out pretty well, and the feedback was good so im happy.

I decided to decorate the frosting with pistchio nuts just for acontrast in flavour... the taste of them didnt really have much to do with thier inclusion.

Lol its always nice to see all the random crap that u buy before makign something suddenly become somethign nice and appertizing lookng. Red velvet is certainly an odd looking cake i must say, i was trying to go for purple because of the theme of the event, but i ran out of blue dye fairly early on and got a weird kind of maroon colour lol... i didnt tell anyone obviously haha.

The chocolate Chunks in the bigger cupcakes i thoguht at first were a bit too much but then i thought.. "Who doesnt like chocolate!"

At the front of each of the chocolate chunks is just a small decoration of dessicated coconut.

And heres how i did it!

Lol.. sadly these are not my own recipes this time, but i took inspiration froma fellow blogger. All credit for this goes to them, and im just gonna paste a link to thier recipe here.

Finally its over!

Now to do the dishes.... nah... that can wait til tommorow when the women folk come back!

HAHA only kidding... now where did i put that sponge...

Enjoy! (^_^)


Pam said...

Great fun post! It all looks delicious!

Bugaboo said...

Fun post! And your presentation is beautiful! I'm hungry now.....although I still have a few Guinness cupcakes with Bailey's frosting on them to keep me company. You did a great job here! :o)

Fortunas said...

I really wanna try those guiness cupcakes... i might have to make some myself. lol

Thanks for the kind words guys :D

Charlie said...

Matthew does washing up?! Stop the press!!! They all look AMAZING! If I wasn't trying to be healthy (eurgh) I would be up for a batch of the cupcakes with choc on top! And you are right, there can never be too much chocolate!


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