Monday, 8 March 2010

Still no joy... Gotta keep trying though!

Right so im still trying these macarons... got until the 21st to complete them and have them perfect... Things arent looking good though lol!

Even more anoying is that ive just seen on my facebook feed that an old school mate without any formal pastry training (as far as im aware) is making them left right and centre.... I REFUSE TO ASK FOR HELP FROM HIM! lol... its probably the testosterone kicking in... but ill keep trying until i figure it out for myself.. It will be much more satisfying that way.

In the mean time i have also been asked to make a cake for a work colleages leaving do...

The lucky sod is off to the carribean on a cruise... So jealous.. but i was happy to make the cake. Lol but im out of green! so i improvised!

First off i decided seeing as its the carribean but no specific island ill just go with a general theme! Also the fact that all she does is talk about how sunny its gonna be and bla bla blah...... *insert jealousy here* lol

In order to get this runout done correctly you first need to mix the colours and test them out... I used autumn brown and canary yellow in varying ratios to get the three colours seen on this sun.

First i drew the picture onto some paper, and then put it into a plastic wallet and began to make the outline with a less liquid ammount of icing. Try not to make it too runny or it melts together and becomes a nightmare... But also try and not make it too delicate... this makes it difficult to get off the plastic wallet when it is dry.

You proabably cant see it here but some of the suns rays actualy broke and i had to cleverly possition them back on so that noone would notice lol.

The cake was just an ordinary victoria sandwich sponge cake... jam, cream, vanilla... the usual. To be hoenst it was such short notice that i didnt really think of flavours, it was purely for the looks. If i had thought about it i would of slipped some ginger in there to keep with the carribean theme.

The cake is baked and the two seperate sandwiches are cut into squares so that they match, thi isnt necassary but makes things alot easier... again speed was something i was going for.

Royal icing is then mixed with colouring in order to make a decent covering for the cake whcih is tidied up with a plastic spatula and various other cake decorating tools.

Then the C scrolls were piped around the edge of the cake with a small line ontop of them for extra effect. Prettey effetive i think, and not much to it. Deffiantly have to keep a steady hand though.

My lettering is pretty shambolic so i tend to do fancy writing to hide the fact that i suck LOL.

And there you go! it was pretty simple to be hoenst. If i have more time next time and given a bit more notice maybe i can make something better... but i dont even know the woman that well... lol. Was fun though! And not nearly as daunting as it looks... you should try it. Im sure your local cake shop wuill be happy to talk you through anything.. and if u have any questions feel free to ask me! ill be more than happy to help!

Until next tim guys... Enjoy!

Back to the macarons again... grrr!! lol


Zia Elle said...

I like you sunny cake! Yammy...

guymonaghan said...

dont hate :)

Fortunas said...

Ive officially dubbed you my rival guy!

ITS SO ON!!! (but not in macarons cause uve already won lol)

guymonaghan said...

Oh man, why does everyone have to be so competitive with me all the time?! haha

omg... i thought i picked up a bargain with my knives in tk maxx... found them cheaper in the home department of Bentalls department store in Kingston!!! WTF?!?!?!

I think they should be pretty good, they have a CROMOVAC blend of 15%, and Global knives are just a little more with 18%, so I imagine the edge durability should be similar?

I now have an 11 piece set! Totally OTT, but it made me happy!

Bugaboo said...

I love the cake --- mainly the sun on it. Super job! The cake sounds great too, not something we generally make here with jam in it. Yum!

Nimi SunilKumar said...

your Sunny cake is lovely!


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