Saturday, 13 November 2010

Anime ReChew: Scrapped Princess

Ive decided to actually start doing some anime reviews after a friend of mine from work has suddenly become interested (thanks to me) in japanese animation and cartoons.

Ive watch anime since i was about 8 years old and have never looked back. Whilst i have seen many, MANY, shows i have only had a few achive viewing excellence in my opinion. Whenevr i do an Anime ReChew (get it??? sounds like ReView but cause i like food i put ReChew!!!!???!! arent i hilarious ahhahahahahaah lol. feel free to shoot me if u see me irl) i will try and be as indepth as possible. And will also talk about series' that i dont think are worth a watch.

With all that said lets have a look at one of my favourite series' from the land of the rising sun!

Scrapped Princess

When i was first introduced to this anime it took me about a year before i actually watched it. The name threw me and i have no interest in cutesy magical girl shows (Sailor moon etc), but once you start watching it you see a very intricate story, held together by believable characters.The plot follows Paciffica Cassull. A young girl with who appears to be like any other little blond girl. She is bossy, rude, sweet, sensible and at times helpful. All of this being fine until you find out that she is a child born to royalty, bearing the stigma of an ancient prophecy which dictates that if she is to reach her 16th birthday then the world shall be destroyed. And all at once the story gets interesting.

Paciffica is accompanied by her step brother and sister whilst she runs from.... well... pretty much the world. Shannon Cassull, her brother, is an excellent swordsman. He has vowed to keep her safe from anyone who would do her harm, even though he is constantly bossed around by Paciffica he still remains loving and loyal. Raquel Cassull, Pacifficas sister, is a military class wizard with the ability to conjure tremendous power with only a few words (particularly impressive when noting that other magicians in the series have very long incantations to perform minor spells), Raquel has a very calm and gentle nature in contrast to her great magical strength, since both of the siblings parents have died trying to protect Paciffica, Raquel now assumes the motherly role in the group.Along the journey the trio are joined by some who wonder how true the prophecy is, and others who are oblivious that they are befriending the scrapped princess.

In a world where robotic war ships co exist with mysticism the scrapped princess must remain alive to find the truth about who she is and what will happen when she turns 16.One of my favourite things about this series is that it is only 24 episodes long, so it doesnt drag on and on and on....If you are new to anime then definitely start off your adventure with this. Truly a masterpeice of story telling.... and the fight scenes are mesmorising to boot.Hope you guys like it as much as I do!

Until next time! \(^_^)/

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