Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Worldwide Celebrations!

Happy Halloween!!!
I did my first Jack'o'Lantern for the ghoulish holiday!

It was Also Eid recently... So Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends out there! Also it was recently Diwali, so happy diwali all you Hindus.

My work colleagues decided to share thier celebration with us by bringing in some amazing indian sweets!

As far as i can tell these sweets are made from curdled milk, sugar and a vast arrangement of spices and decorations. Ranging from pistachios to edible silver leaf! If you have never tried Indian sweets, then its definitely an enjoyable and different experience especially if you are use to your western sweets. Not saying western sweets are bad, but its just different. Like when u go to Germany or Belgium and buy some chocolate... In the UK we have chocolate and its pretty good.... but the Belgian chocolate is like on a whole new level of epic!

Anyone else celebrating anything let me know how it went!

Ive got something a bit special Coming up next...

Until next time everyone, stay cool!

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