Sunday, 21 November 2010

Apple and Banana Baby Cakes

A few days back i had been walking to my local tube station to get the underground to work. The rain was pouring down, and everyone was miserable because of this. As i had a bit of time i stopped in a local health food Cafe near me for a coffee before i carried on my journey.

In there the was a small baby girl and her mother on the table opposite me, the mum was feeding the baby Apple and Banana baby food.

Now i dont know about you guys but this brings back MAJOR memories for me... i use to love these little baby food pots so much when i was young that even when my younger sister, who is almost 5 years younger than me, was born i would sneakily eat hers!

Lol, dont worry, this story actually going somewhere.

Seeing this i was inspired to make my own version of this delicious little pot of gold. Obviously im too old for baby food now.... (atleast thats what i tell my friends) so i came up with a quick recipe to try and re-experience my toddler years!

Apple and Banana Baby Cakes!

The Recipe is an adaptation of Rachel Allens (author of Bake) Dutch apple cake with the additon of the banan and apple mini chunks throughout.

The icing was a typical icing sugar mix with reduced pink lady apple juice as the base rather than water, in order to counter the melllow banana'y taste of the sponge.

Find the recipe HERE

Yes i know..... i have nothing to do with myself... And yes, yes i AM very bored most evenings LOL.

Until next time

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